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From time to time, we will publish a new blog post here about some aspect of the college admissions journey. We explore broad industry trends and specifics of college admissions, including the application process, high school guidance, testing, extracurriculars, and all things admissions.

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As the leaves start turning green and the air becomes fragrant with pollen, final college admissions decisions begin to roll out. This can be both a joyous and difficult season, depending on the outcome. Students spend months crafting their college applications and, regardless of insightful essays, stellar GPAs, and high test scores, many students still […]

Dear Admissions Office, I regret to inform you…THANKS!



April 8, 2020


A recently released survey by EAB Global, How enrollment leaders are responding to COVID-19, provides a glimpse into the disrupted world of college admissions offices around the country. We have received many calls from clients asking for any guidance or insight we might have as it relates to current seniors and juniors. While clarity and […]

A Peek at the Future of College Admissions


March 23, 2020

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post about the new harsh realities facing students applying to The University of Texas at Austin (UT Admissions: The New Reality (2019)). Reflective more of the interest in the topic rather than the quality of the prose, the post went viral and has nearly 100,000 views. At […]

UT Austin Admissions Demystified, Part 1

UT Admissions


March 11, 2020


When you dive into the ApplyTexas application for The University of Texas at Austin this Fall, you will be asked to indicate your First Choice School and Second Choice School, as well as your First Choice Major and Second Choice Major. Make your FIRST-CHOICE school and major count. While in the past, UT Austin would […]

UT Application: Major Choice is a Major Decision

UT Admissions

September 10, 2019

Join me in a thought experiment. Let’s pretend you were the Director of Admissions at UT Austin last September. Pretty cool, right? While basking in the sun on the South Mall, you are suddenly interrupted by your Eyes of Texas ringtone. President Fenves’ assistant is on the other end demanding that you come to the […]

UT Admissions: The New Reality (2019)

UT Admissions


February 6, 2019