UT Application: Major Choice is a Major Decision

September 10, 2019

When you dive into the ApplyTexas application for The University of Texas at Austin this Fall, you will be asked to indicate your First Choice School and Second Choice School, as well as your First Choice Major and Second Choice Major.

Make your FIRST-CHOICE school and major count.

While in the past, UT Austin would review students for their second choice major if they were not admitted to their first, they have since stated that because of increased application numbers they are only reviewing students for their first-choice major.

1. If a student is an AUTOMATIC ADMIT, they will be reviewed for their second choice major if not admitted to their first. If they are not admitted to their second choice, they will be admitted to undergraduate studies as undeclared.

2. If a student would like to be admitted to PLAN II HONORS and another major, they should list Plan II as their second choice major so they will be considered (and possibly admitted) for both majors. Students are not penalized by listing Plan II as a second choice major. Many students choose to add another major with Plan II. Note that students can apply for Liberal Arts Honors and Plan II, and possibly be admitted to both programs, but they can only enroll in one program.

Think carefully about your MAJOR STRATEGY

Each year, we are confronted by well-meaning parents and students begging to know this cycle’s least competitive major as a stratagem to gaining admission to UT Austin. We usually hear the “just get me in and I will transfer to business later” plan. While there are definitely certain majors that are less competitive than others, it is a dangerous and ill-conceived idea to plan to transfer later. Often, there is a sense that, by declaring Undergraduate Studies, you can easily transition into another major once on campus. Our advice is to choose a major you are comfortable studying for your four years at UT.

Undergraduate Studies

The undergraduate studies program is housed in the College of Liberal Arts, so students who apply to any liberal arts major or undergraduate studies are considered in the same applicant pool. REMEMBER: a student can stay in undergraduate studies only until the end of their sophomore year, at which time they must go through the internal transfer process to declare a major. The student will automatically be admitted into a liberal arts major (assuming requirements are met). If the student is attempting to transfer to another college or school within UT, they will be subject to the competitive transfer process discussed below.

Internal Transfers

There are strict internal transfer pre-requisites for certain majors. So, if a student is hoping to transfer from one program to another, they must factor in those requirements in their course selections as a freshman and sophomore. In addition, for popular majors like business and engineering, the internal transfer process is very competitive. Students should be honest with themselves when initially picking their first-choice major. The internal transfer process is HIGHLY COMPETITIVE and far from a guarantee.

Visit UT’s website to see a current list of Schools and Majors.